7 Ways To Build A Winning Mindset

These 7 powerful tools will improve your mindset today in this 32 min video course. Optimize your potential to be better.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you aim to do something, do everything by the book to get it done and it still just won’t work out? Well, the missing link is the right mindset. Having the right mindset is the key to achieve everything you want in life. The stronger your mindset, the more clarity you will have on what you really want to achieve. NLP expert Umar Hameed will train you with the right tools and resources to cultivate a winning mindset and the right beliefs to put that mindset into practice.

What Will I Learn?
  1. The Power of Gratitude. Truly acknowledging everything that one has control over.
  2. Stop Negative Self-Talk. Self-affirmation and self-motivation are some of the strongest tools to gain power over your mindset.
  3. Brain Dump. Your brain is a temple. Get rid of everything that’s unnecessarily occupying space to clear your mind.
  4. Visual Goal Setting. Literally visualizing your goal in your surrounding strongly and with sharp focus that it becomes tangible and real. 
  5. Your Character Strengths. You are the hero of your story. All the characteristics you have make-up who you are. Learn how to optimize your strengths and turn your weaknesses into strengths. 
  6. Your Psychology Trumps Your Biology. The power your mind has over your body is strong enough to change your physiology. Learn how to take that control. 
  7. The Power of 1-2-3 Punch. 

Course Curriculum

Course Overview
Understanding Mindset
The Power Of Gratitude
Stop Negative Self-Talk
Brain Dump
Visual Goal Setting
Your Character Strengths
Your Psychology Trumps Your Biology
The Power Of 1-2-3 Punch!
Course Recap

Umar Hameed