Enhanced Listening Skills

Learn how to become the world's best listener and have a deep positive impact on your personal and professional relationships.

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Listening is one of the world’s most powerful yet undervalued tools. Being a good listener strengthens your relationships, allows you to connect with people on a deeper level and improve your customer relationships exponentially. Often times people listen selectively and that keeps them from being able to engage and communicate better. In this course, Umar Hameed will teach you how to become the world’s best listener. You will learn ways to focus, communicate and connect better, that will make a huge impact on every personal and professional relationship in your life.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to optimize your listening skills.
  • How to consciously stay focused and connect while communicating.
  • How to keep your mind clear from distractions and disconnect.
  • How to develop a strong sense of trust by listening.
  • How to master your delivery and be a well-rounded communicator using the right words, tone and body language.

Umar Hameed