NLP Advanced Sales Training

Learn powerful NLP techniques to breakthrough any mental barriers that stop you from becoming exceptional.

Your Mindset determines your success. This course teaches you how to use NLP to get an unstoppable mindset.
In a recent survey, sales managers said that most salespeople leave 30% - 50% of their sales behind. This happens because they are weak in just one area of the sales process. For example, if they can't get enough appointments, it does not matter how good they are at closing. Their overall results are going to be weak. Salespeople know what they need to change but seldom follow through. What stops them is not a lack of skills. It is a mental block that they need to breakthrough.
This training teaches you neuroscience techniques to breakthrough any mental block! You will also learn how to access peak states of performance so you are fearless in any selling situation. This is not sales training it is mind training!

What Will I Learn?

  • Accessing greatness –Anchoring
  • The Sales Zone
  • Changing Unwanted Behaviors – Collapsing Anchors
  • Supercharged Change to Make Cold Calls and More - Chaining Anchors
  • Letting Go of The Past – Changing Submodalities
  • Making a Behavior Change: Visual Swish
  • Reduce Hesitation and Doubt by Resolving Inner Conflict: Parts Integration
  • Replace A Limiting Belief With A Powerful One: Belief Change

Intended Audience: professionals, salespeople

Anchoring: Demonstration
Accessing Greatness: Step by Step Instructions
The Sales Zone: Demonstration
Stacking Anchors: Step By Step
Collapsing Anchors: Demo
Collapsing Anchors: Step By Step
Chaining Anchors: Demo
Chaining Anchors: Step By Step
Changing Submodalities: Demo
Changing Submodalities: Step By Step
Visual Swish: Demo
Visual Swish: Step By Step
Parts Integration: Demo
Parts Integration: Step By Step
Belief Change: Demo
Belief Change: Step By Step

What's included

  • 17 Video Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Umar Hameed