NLP Enhanced Communication Skills

Become a master communicator by using NLP inspired techniques that will radically improve the level of success in your life.

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The quality of your life and the level of your success are determined directly by the quality of your relationships. In this course, you will learn how to master the art of communication, break the barriers that stop you from enjoying a deeper and better connection with your surroundings and how to build stronger relationships, stronger teams and stronger organizations and ultimately be a stronger leader yourself. NLP expert Umar Hameed will train you to be an eloquent communicator, mastering the art of effective communication through easy steps so you can communicate effortlessly and persuasively, having a radical positive impact on your level of success in life.

What Will I Learn?

  1. Communication Modalities – How people actually communicate with other people?
  2. The Power of Your Voice – How can you use your voice to bring down barriers?
  3. Body Language – How can you use body language to connect with people on a deeper level?
  4. Reading Eye Movement – Figure out what’s going on in people’s minds then and there.
  5. The Power of Language Word Choice – The choice of the words you use to deepen your level of connection.
  6. Mind Reading – Figure out what people are thinking to connect better with them. 

Course Curriculum

Course Outline
Communication Modalities
Using The Power Of Your Voice
Body Language
Reading Eye Movements
The Power Of Language And Word Choice
Learn How To Read Minds
Communication Mastery Recap

Umar Hameed